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Lafayette Drunk Driving Accidents Lawyer

All injury-causing car accidents are traumatic, but it can be especially disturbing to learn that the driver who caused your crash was drunk or under the influence of drugs. Knowing that this person is facing criminal charges and penalties may be important to you. It may also be critical to get prompt counsel from an attorney who will pursue all financial compensation available to help you recover.

Were You Or A Family Member Hit By A Drunk Driver In Louisiana?

At our firm, we provide each individual and family we serve with real compassion and full-service legal representation. Josh Guillory is a capable, determined Lafayette lawyer for drunk driving accident victims. He understands the specific nuances of these cases and will pursue every available angle to help you. Important considerations in your case may include:

  • Proving that you were injured by a drunk driver can enable recovery of punitive damages from that person as well as compensation directly related to your financial losses.
  • Working with a Louisiana personal injury attorney who also knows the criminal justice system and DUI/DWI laws extremely well could be an important asset.
  • In our personal injury practice, we are diligent in proving fault for accidents and accurately assessing the total impact of serious injuries or the wrongful death of a family member on our clients’ lives.
  • Josh Guillory is a skilled, experienced trial lawyer willing to stand up for you and take your case the distance if that is what it demands.

Sadly, a significant percentage of drunk driving accidents result in extremely serious, life-altering injuries or tragic fatalities. After any such serious car accident, truck accident or other motor vehicle wreck, those affected need to focus on their own care and well-being. With a former law professor and veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom protecting your interests, you will be better able to do that.

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When you turn to us, we will take the lead on all legal and insurance issues and keep you informed. Your needs will come first, and you will know your case is a priority. In personal injury cases, we charge no attorney fees unless we are able to obtain financial compensation for our clients.