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Skilled In Negotiations And Willing To Fight For You In Court

At a time when you need to focus on your health and family, we will proactively deal with your legal issues. If we cannot obtain a fair offer through negotiation, you will have an intensely loyal, determined lawyer willing to take your case to trial.

Getting legal counsel you can trust is critical. Led by former law professor and Cavalry troop commander Josh Guillory, we will respond promptly and act decisively. We will provide a free case evaluation for your criminal case or family law matter, and walk you through every step of the process. The pain and concern felt by family members cannot be overstated. The financial burdens faced by criminal cases and family law matters have never been greater than they are today.

When you contact Josh Guillory for legal guidance, you can depend on Josh to be compassionate and understanding. When it comes to fighting for you, you can count on Josh Guillory to make your case his mission. For the help you need now, simply call 337-233-1303 or reach out to us by email.